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In an era where the soul of Europe stands at a crossroads, a movement rises from Monaco, a gathering that aspires to rekindle the Christian Values and guide the continent towards a renewal.

The French Riviera Institute (F.R.I.) proudly announces the Summit for European Leadership (S.E.L.), set to unfold at

the prestigious Hotel Hermitage
from October 4 to 6, 2024

« Christian believers should look upon themselves as just such a creative minority, helping Europe to reclaim what is best in its heritage and thereby to place itself at the service of all humankind.

Pope Benedikt XVI, 2006

The Summit for European Leadership is an exclusive ensemble of entrepreneurs and leaders, who share a heartfelt commitment to Europe’s Christian renewal. By invitation only.

In a world thirsting for direction, the Summit for European Leadership emerges as a catalyst for change, offering a space where like-minded entrepreneurs converge to:

Explore the roots of
the spiritual battle for
Europe’s soul.

Share robust strategies
for Christian renewal
across the continent.

Foster synergies,
amplifying existing
initiatives and seeding
new collaborations.

Our mission

The French Riviera Institutes organize a network of influential European leaders representing all areas of society to amplify and intensify the Christian renewal throughout Europe.


Establish strong roots for an abundant harvest in preparation for the bimillennium of the Resurrection of Christ, in 2033.

2026 – 33

Amplify and intensify the Christian renewal across Europe

Our values : the LIFE acronym

LEADERSHIP – A person who inspires people to accomplish a purpose.
IMITATION OF CHRIST– Anchors us in our model with all Christian virtues and values.
FRATERNITY– Network and community of peers anchored in Christ.
EVANGELIZATION – So that Christ can be present in every sphere of our lives.

The F.R.I. Team

Thibault de Saint Vincent

Etienne de Marsac
Managing Director

2024 events

Rome, April 10 – April 11

Private dinner at the Solidarity Foundation & Annual Rector’s dinner of the Pontifical North American College.

Malta, May 14 – May 18

Outstanding retreat for Christian Entrepreneurs organized by the Pontifical Mission Societies

Holy Land, June 3- June 6

The FRI Delegation participate in a pilgrimage which provides an invaluable opportunity to engage with and learn from the local Christian communities. This pilgrimage was organized by Routes Bibliques.

Napa Valley, July 24 – July 28

Napa Valley, July 24 – July 28 F.R.I Delegation at the 14th annual summer Conference of the Napa Institute.

Monaco, Oct 4 – Oct 6

Summit for European Leadership of the French Riviera Institute